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Agape Kids Camp 2018 . Time Lab April 3, 2018

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2018 VBS Time Lab_print

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel back in time and witness epic events in history? Imagine the thrill of meeting great heroes of the faith like Abraham, Moses, or Gideon. Or the fun of experiencing life in ancient cultures like Rome. Or the fascination of watching famous inventors make discoveries that change the world.

DISCOVERING JESUS FROM                                            ETERNITY PAST TO ETERNITY FUTURE

Now imagine traveling through time and meeting the most important man ever—a man who was not just a man, but also God. One who turned the world upside-down. One who existed outside of time.

We’ll do just that as we embark on Time Lab. We’ll use words beginning with “C” to help us remember that Jesus, our forever faithful, loving, caring, promise-keeping Lord, has been with us always!

  • Creation: Did you know the Son of God has always existed? We’ll talk about his existence before time and his activity at Creation.
  • Christophany: Big, cool word the kids will love learning that teaches the Son of God didn’t start as a babe in a manger but has been around forever, actively involved throughout history, including the Old Testament! They’ll study the biblical accounts of Abraham and Moses that show appearances of the Son of God to people before he came to earth.
  • Cross: Here’s when Jesus is actually given the name “Jesus.” And here’s where he lives, dies, and comes back to life. It’s the most epic historical account ever! Because of him, we can live forever, too! Although opportunities to present the gospel are provided every day, this is the day we’ll present the gospel in all its glory.
  • Clouds: After Jesus rose again, where did he go? He’s actively working on our behalf as he sits at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for us, protecting his Church, and preparing a place for his children! Wow!
  • Crown: We’ll end our tour through time at the new heaven and new earth, where Jesus and his children will live together in the most amazing place forever. Whatever your best day ever has been, a day on the new earth will blow it away!

Time sure will fly while we’re having fun. So head this way and get ready to launch into hyperdrive as we take off for Time Lab! Let’s go!


Date: 7th-9th June 2018

Time: 9am-5.45pm on 7th-8th June (Thu & Fri);  9am -1.30pm on 9th June (Sat)

Venue: Chapel of the Holy Spirit. 3 Sorby Adams Drive Singapore 357690

Camp fees: $40 per child (Early Bird up to 30th April 2018), $45 per child  (from 1st May onwards).  3rd and subsequent child (same family unit) only pay $20 camp fee.

Fee includes T-shirt, Souvenirs, Crafts, Snacks and 2 Lunches

To register:  http://bit.ly/AK2018TimeLab

Agape Kids Camp 2016 March 2, 2016

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As kids are submerged in God’s Word, they will discover that Jesus saw people differently. He saw people for who they were deep down, not who they appeared to be on the surface. Kids will look below the surface to find the truth about how Jesus sees them.

Dates: 9-11 June 2016

Time: 9am-5.45pm on 9-10 June (Thu & Fri);  9am -1.30pm on 11 June (Sat)

Venue: Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Camp fees: $40 per child

To register, click here.


Agape Kids Camp 2014 Registration Opens March 12, 2014

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Join us at Wilderness Escape VBS, where we’ll explore what life was like for the ancient Israelites. They’ve escaped slavery in Egpyt…but now what? You’ll craft cool projects in the Israelite Camp, race through the wilderness as you play games, visit with Moses, and eat some interesting new food. Plus, you’ll meet lots of new friends!

Date: 5-7 June 2014

Time: 9-5pm on 5 &6 June, 9-1pm on 7 June

Venue: Chapel of the Holy Spirit (inside St Andrews JC)

Download the flyer here.

Download the registration form: VBS registration form

Email your registration form to agape@chs.org.sg

Agape Kids Camp 2012 – Registration Opens! April 11, 2012

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Families step back in time at Babylon, exploring Daniel’s adventures as a captive in a foreign land. Kids and adults participate in a memorable Bible-times Marketplace, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, dig into Bible-times snacks, visit Daniel, and collect Bible Memory Makers to remind them of God’s Word. Plus, everyone learns to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God Sightings. Each day concludes at Celebration—a time of upbeat worship that gets everyone involved.

Dates: 31 May – 2 June     (Thu & Fri) 9am – 5pm; Sat – 9-2pm (after lunch)

Venue: Chapel of the Holy Spirit  (65, Potong Pasir Ave 1, S358390)

For: children from ages 5-12

Cost: $30 per child (includes lunch, snacks, camp t-shirt & materials).

Register by 12 May

For more info & updates: http://www.facebook.com/chsagape  or call us at 2896313

Download the flyer here

Download the registration form here.

Agape Kids Camp 2012 – Volunteer Opportunities. March 29, 2012

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From 31 May to 2 Jun 2012, our church will be filled with the aromas, sights, and sounds of kids participating in fun discovery activities at a special Holy Land Adventure—in Babylon! Kids will worship God with songs and prayer, create unique craft projects, and discover God’s powerful love in exciting and memorable ways. They will experience what it was like to live in a city where most people didn’t believe in God!

To have the best adventure possible, we need lots of volunteers who can share time, energy, and love with the kids who attend. Below are some great ways you can help make this program a success. Will you please check out the following list…then pray about where God might use you? Together, we can step back in time—and bring ancient Babylon to life at Chapel of the Holy Spirit.

Palace Playground: Lead fun activities as you help kids and adults discover games that connect to daily life in ancient Babylon.

Shopkeepers: In the Marketplace Shops, you’ll guide Tribes in making unique, hands-on craft projects. Take care of animals in the Animal Court. Or be a food shop proprietor and send the smells of figs, dates, and warm flatbread wafting throughout the Marketplace! In your role as a merchant, you’ll listen to kids and adults talk about the one, true God.

Tribe Leaders: An easy-to-follow leader manual and Tribe Time Teaching Kit help you lead a Tribe of approximately 10 people. You’ll share in meaningful traditions—and build relationships! Together you and your Tribe will experience…

  • Celebration worship
  • Tribe Time (small group time)
  • Marketplace shops (crafts, food, and a special mission project)
  • Visits with Daniel
  • Palace Playground
  • Outreach
  • Storytelling
  • And lots of celebrating!

Other Positions: Still don’t see something that interests you? We’re also looking for a…

  • Registration Team,
  • Decorating Team,
  • Costume design team
  • Photographer,
  • Publicity Coordinator, and
  • Supply Coordinator.

Whatever your gifts, interest, and time commitment…we have a place for you!

We believe that God will use this incredible program to reach many children with the message of his love. So please prayerfully consider your role in bringing Babylon to life!

Feel free to contact any of the teachers by e-mail, phone, or in person if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

2012 Classes February 12, 2012

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We’ve reorganized our classes for 2012.

1. Preschool class

All children 6 years and below are welcome to join this class. After the story time, the younger ones are invited to go to the nursery room while the older ones who can work independently remain for craft &/or worksheet time.

Location: Logos Room

Teachers: Grace Chua, Sharon Teo

2. P1-2 classes

The children are divided into two classes due to the larger number this year. The respective teachers will advise on the class your child belongs to.

Locations: Rainbow Room & Praise Room

Teachers: Elaine Teo, Kim Chean, Pauline Oi, Morna Ko

3. P3-4 Class

Location: Counselling Room

Teachers: Shirley Ng, Mark Teo

4. P5-6 Class

Location: Back of Rainbow Room

Teachers: Evangeline Lee, Clement Kwok

Classroom Reorganisation October 20, 2010

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Our Sunday School is in the midst of re-arranging our classrooms in the light of the increase in the number of kids attending our preschool classes.

Please bear with us as we iron out the finer details, and do help us by going to the right classrooms.

Worship (Preschool to P2) @ Rainbow Room, 10.30am

Worship (P3 to P6) @ Sanctuary, 10.30am (please report to Uncle Noel at the pews on the left of the Church)

Classes, 11.15am (for P3 to P6, classes will meet up in the rooms, after the Scripture Reading section of the Main Service.)

Preschool Adventurers* (2-5 year olds) @ Logos Room

Preschool Explorers* (4-6 year olds) @ Rainbow Room

Primary 1 & 2 @ Praise Room

Primary 3 & 4 @ Prayer Room

Primary 5 & 6 @ back of Rainbow Room

*Please note that the age groupings for these pre-school classes are a guideline only.  The children are grouped by families to facilitate the younger siblings’ security in the classroom.  The children are not grouped according to abilities.

Register for Agape Day Out October 20, 2010

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SonRock Kids Camp Rocks! June 13, 2010

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SonRock Kids Camp Group photo 9 June 2010

We’re so thankful for another Agape Sunday School Camp : to God for His marvellous provision of resources and people and most of all for the 80 campers who joined us to learn about who Jesus is and what He does.

To all the camp counsellors and others who helped us in one way or another: A BIG BIG thank you! We hope you’re inspired to serve Him even more. 🙂

We’ve uploaded some videos onto you tube:

1. Closing video montage

2. Photo montage – Part 1

3. Photo montage – Part 2

Register for Agape Kids Camp 2010 April 16, 2010

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This year’s camp theme is an “American Wilderness Trail”. As the children embark this 3.5 day adventure, they will learn from the life of apostle Peter. Children will have a great time singing songs, watching skits, creating crafts and playing games. But most important, they’ll learn how their lives can be transformed by God’s great love for them. We’re looking forward to sharing this exciting event with the children and parents. Download the registration-form and email us.

Dates: 9-11 Jun 2010 9am – 5pm; 12 Jun 2010; (Sat) 9am – 12.30pm

Venue: Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Fee: $30

Please register by 16 May to avoid disappointment as places are limited.